Electromagnetic spectrum

The full range of light wavelengths.

Beginning at the end of the spectrum with longest wavelength/lowest energy and moving towards the end with shortest wavelength/highest energy, we get (wavelengths in brackets):

  • Radio waves (ranging from several kilometres to metres)
  • Microwaves (approx. 1 m to 1 mm)
  • Terahertz radiation (approx. 1 mm to 0.1 mm)
  • Infrared radiation (approx. 0.1mm to 700 nm)
  • Visible light (approx. 700 nm to 400 nm)
  • Ultraviolet radiation (approx. 400 nm to 10 nm)
  • X-rays (approx. 10 nm to 0.01 nm)
  • Gamma rays (less than 10 pm – less than the diameter of an atom!)